The Champion in Wearable Sport Technology with Areospace Technology in Civilian use.


For the past 3 years, we research and keep track of more than 200 professional athletes in different sports. More than 15,000 data analyses. Our researcher and engineers go over more than 1000 competitions to understand the importance of how good sports eyewear change the way of competition and also provides very good protection to our users. Not just protection from physical impacts and also protection from ultraviolet, sun glares, and constant changing of the light source.

So we launch the first in the world, RapidLens™, Solar Switch Instant Tint Continuously Variable Eletrochromic Polarized Lens.

Polarized Lens protect your eyes from daily Ultra Violet with Revo Technology, also we prevent sun blindness/instant change of light source by changing its structure by darkening and brightening in less than 0.1s, to autonomously follow the user’s needs and allow complete eye protection. 

Our RapidLens™ can adapt to different light source brightness which goes into your eyes, and auto adjusts the darkness of the sunglasses/goggles, to maintain a constant and comfortable visual for you all the time.

With the highly sensitive solar panel with smart control and battery-free design, you do not need to do any charging or face any risk and danger of battery failure.

We truly understand all outdoor sports are a conqueror of rough nature, as a conqueror. You are not fighting alone. We supply you with the best equipment for you to achieve better results.

To be a winner, you need practice. Providing good sportswear allows you to stay grooved all along.   


We focus on all ranges of outdoor sports and extreme sports in which sun blindness can be a critical effect on performance.
Skiing, Sky diving, Motorsport, Mountain biking, marathon, Triathlon, water sports, hunting, fishing, golfing, etc.


We tested our product more than 500 times in extreme conditions before we can offer it to the market. Including durability, comfortableness, physical protections, UVa, and UVb protections.

Each product will go through the piercing test, humidity test, testing in high and low temperatures, anti-sun glare tests, and ultra-violet tests.

Products must pass all the above quality checking before they can ship out to our Winners.


We have offices and partners with the service department in Los Angeles, Paris, Singapore, Shanghai, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Dubai. Always stand by to service our winners