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I waited until I had them put on my prescription lenses to write the review; I totally recommend them, in the optician they tell me that they are of very good quality.


I've gone through several pairs of sunglasses from various high end companies and nothing fit well enough for me to keep. Finally with these I was able to find a great lense along with a great fitting frame. These stick very well to your nose and side of your head. My only nit-pick is that when I sweat they no longer grab my nose the way I like, but they don't actually move or bounce much. It just doesn't "feel" secure even though it seems to be. At no point do they feel like they will fall off your head, but for my preference I wish it could remain sticky on my nose bridge. The lenses are great, nice and bright with the bronze base and the polarization helps keep the glare from blinding you in bright situations.

Dale K.

I love to use it when I go for my quiet walks in the hood. Love that I can face to sunshine and protect my eyes. Clean nice design made to look stylish and best is it can be unisex worn by anyone.

Linders Aguilera

These worked really well and I thought the quality of the lenses was top notch! They aren't overly heavy just normal in size.Great performance for the price point and probably the closest thing to a maui jim quality lens as I've seen for such a low price.

Ryan M.

Love them for fishing , they do a great job of blocking out the sun as well and the lenses change color for different intensities of sunlight. The glasses themselves are great and they work amazing with shallow water! You can actually see the fish chilling and looking for breakfast !

Allen G

I just got my new Sunglasses and they are fabulous. I love them. They got here quickly and they are very good quality. I will definitely order from here again. Keep up the awesome work. May God bless you always!

Bily Curless

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